Austin Jewellers "we are not your average Jewellery Store". We are happy to assist you in all your jewellry needs.
     Austin Jewellers 
AUSTIN JEWELLERS   1111 austin ave. Coquitlam 604-939-4653
I have the latest in CAD and will build you the ring of your dream, the image above is a Computer rendering, anything is posible. Click on the Image to see more of my Cad.
         Well I have stepped it up a bit and opened a Facebook page for the store, come and follow me and my ongoing work at
          Austin Jewellers has been here since June of 2002, and I would like to thank all those that have been bringing their Jewellery needs to the shop. Over the years we have worked on all imaginable pieces of Jewellery, from wedding sets to Sports and Trophy rings, even Movie props.
       Austin Jewellers is a full service Jewellery Store, Jewellery repairs, watch and clock repairs, custom work, Jewellery Appraisals, Hand fab, to wax carving and the lost wax casting process, we have the latest in Cad Cam, with ModelMaster Mill and Artcam Jewelsmith.
Just to make it clear I have posted many pictures of finished Jewellery and repairs in several different galleries on this site , they where made by or repaired by me at Austin Jewellers, by no means is this all the jewellery we have made or repaired, its just a small amount of jewellery that can help describe and show the work we do here.
       We have thousands of in store patterns to help you on your search for that right piece of Jewellery, we also specialize in custom orders
       At Austin Jewellers,  'Your Imagination is our Creation'.
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